About Us



Hey Guys we just wanted to introduce ourselves were a husband and wife duo Alisha & Cameron, we have 2 kids, 4 dogs and 3 cats (I know were crazy, i would add a photo if i could get everyone to sit still long enough). We have very recently moved onto our dream rural property and now have some pigs, sheep, ducks & chickens :) they keep us on our toes and we have had some interesting and entertaining experiences but loving every minute. 

At Hemp Arcade we are passionate about HEMP, Health and Well-being. Hemp is the most versatile textile on earth, and it's enormous array of uses benefiting not only us but our furry friends and the environment. Our aim here at the Hemp Arcade is to boost awareness about this ultimate plant while also bringing you a brilliant range of quality and affordable products. All of our products support the Australian Hemp Industry & Local & Australian Businesses. Our suppliers have come up with some truly innovative and  amazing products that we are proud to showcase at Hemp Arcade. If we wouldn't use the product ourselves you wont find it on Hemp Arcade because if we wouldn't use it how can we expect you too. 

Hemp Arcade is a small family business, Cameron is a hemp enthusiast with a background in building & construction and would love to see hempcrete take hold in the South Australian building industry. Alisha is a fully qualified beauty therapist and is extremely excited with how hemp is being used in the beauty industry. If you have any questions regarding a product were happy to help just flick us an email at admin@hemparcade.com.au or send us a message on our facebook page.

For year's Cameron has been a strong believer in Hemp and it's endless possibilities. Funnily enough, his fascination began as a youngin' when he watched an all time classic movie "Up in Smoke" from Cheech and Chong and took notice of the "fiberweed" subject. From there his personal research found that for hundreds of years mankind had utilised Hemp and many of its benefits. Unfortunately, somewhere during the last few decades the plant has been misunderstood due to the propaganda and had been classified incorrectly due to its close counterpart. 

It is an extremely exciting time with new improvements to hemp law and its Classification and its fantastic to see public views on hemp changing. So, in a nut shell we aim to provide the Australian public with a rapidly growing range of Hemp products to improve health and well being. As we grow, our range will extend to showcase more of Hemp's capabilities, such as clothing, building and other textiles.

As a small family run business we aim to support Local and Australian Products, you may see us at your local market or show, please come say Hi, try some hemp tea or coffee and explore with us the Beauty of Hemp. Due to our move we have closed our Lonsdale location but we are still here to help you anyway we can. If you favourite product is sold out or a product we don't currently stock  please flick me and email or message. 

Follow us on Facebook to see which Events we will be at & to keep updated on our product range. We hope you enjoy the products as much as we do!

Happy Shopping!!